Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast 2023

All CinePrime Web Series list With  Cast and Crew. In this article we gonna going to share with you Cine Prime OTT Platform’s best and trending web series episode. In Cine Prime web series has best hot-heated web series episodes. Now we discuss about Cine Prime all Web Series list and their cast and Actress name. You can see those Cine Prime web series list given below-

Cineprime All Web Series List and Cast

Cineprime all web series list here available. Top 15 Cineprime Web Series List: Below we gives details information of Cineprimw all web series list, actress and crew and release date.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast Name

1. Mami No. 1 Web Series

Mami no.1 is Pallavi Debnath’s most hot-heated web series and it is a adult or 18+ web series.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast

Cast & Crew :

  • Pallavi Debnath
  • Nihal Singh

Release Date – 08/07/2022

2. Puddan Season 2 web series

Puddan Season 2 is a bold web series, which released on Cineprime  app online. If you are a 18+ audience then surely enjoy it.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast

Cast & Crew :

  • Suman Singh
  • Thakur Rajveer Singh

Release Date – 07/01/2022

3. Trishna Ek Chahat Web Series

Trishna Ek Chahat is a best romantic and dramatic web series. People love to watch this web series for the bold actress Rajsi Verma.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast

Cast & Crew:

  • Rajsi Verma
  • Reena
  • Muskaan Varshney

Release Date – 04/06/2021

4. Baba Rancho Aur Virgin Bhoot

Baba Rancho Aur Virgin Bhoot is a romantic, dramatic and adults web series. In this series acts many famous actress and actors.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast

Cast & Crew:

  • Priya Malik
  • Karron Mallik
  • Aadita Jain

Release Date – 01/04/2022

5. Video Call Web Series

Video Call is a romantic and thriller drama web series. This web series watch online though Cineprime app.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast

Cast & Crew:

  • Prerna Keahwani

Release Date – 18/05/2021

6. Ittefaq Web Series

Ittefaq is romantic drama web series. In this web series main cast is hottest and bold actress Simran Khan.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast

Cast & Crew:

  • Simran Khan
  • Hiral Radadiya
  • Suman Singh

Release Date – 08/06/2021

7. Tinku Ki Suhaagraat

In Cineprime Tinki Ki Suhaagraat  content with full of romance. It is a adults web series. Must watch this series after 18+.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast

Cast & Crew:

  • Prajakta Dusane
  • Suman Singh
  • Kewal Dasani

Release Date – 21/05/2021

8. Baba Rancho 3 Web Series

Baba Rancho 3 is a 18+ PrimeShots web series. This web series showing romance and drama. This web series cast many famous actress and actors.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast

Cast & Crew:

  • Karron Mallik
  • Ayesha Pathan
  • Pooja Poddar
  • Ruby Ahmed

Release Date – 20/08/2022

9. Rajni Kaand Web Series 

Rajnk Kaand is an Indian Cineprime  web series. This web series is a 18+ series and people love to watch this series.

Rajni Kaand Web Series

Cast & Crew:

  • Leena Singh

Release Date – 03/06/2022

10. Ek Phool Teen Mali Web Series 

Ek Phool Teen Mali web series story is based on an External affairs and has some adults screen. Must watch this series after 18 above.

Cineprime Web Series All Episodes List and Cast

Cast & Crew :

  • Niharika Sharma
  • Allauddin Shaikh
  • Release Date – 29/07/2022

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Kooku Web Series All Episodes List, Cast, Story and Watch Online

Kooku Web Series List, Cast and Actress Name, photos, release date, ott, Indian another best OTT Platform to watch online Romantic and Hot-heated web series App is Kooku. Recently Kooku Originals provide us most of the romantic and romance drama web series every weeks. Hope all of you know about Kooku App. Most of the popular web series actress work on Kooku Web series.

Kooku Web series list, Actress name

Kooku Web Series actresses:

In Kooku App, famous actresses were playing their role every web series. They looks beautiful and hotest. The audience of Kooku Originals like to watch those Beautiful actress to watch romance web series. Rajsi Verma, Ankita Dave, Rekha Mona Sarkar, Mahi Kaur, Ayesh Kapoor and so many web actresses cast in Kooku Web Series.

Kooku Web Series List:

In this article we going to share most of the successful and popular Kooku Web Series List, Release date, Cast, Story and Photos.

1. Woh Teacher Kooku Web Series 

Woh Teacher is one of the popular and hot-heated web series streaming on Kooku App. Rajsi Verma one of Popular actress cast in this web series. The story is about a Teacher and a student and their intimate scene.

Woh teacher web series


  • Samar as Student 

Released Date: 27-02-2020

2. Suno Sasur Ji Kooku Web Series 

Most of the people watch this web series and they watch it’s again and again because of popularity. Story about a family and house wife. When husband unable to satisfied his wife, then wife gets intimate with Father-in-law and house servant Ramu.

Suno sosur ji web series


  • Kumari Simran as Wife


  • Rajneesh Jaiswal


  • Amit Kumar


  • Raman Kumar as Servant

Relase Date03-04-2020


3. My Cousin Sister Kooku Web Series 

One of the famous story between two Cousins sister and brother is My Cousin Sister web Series. When they sleep together and attracted to each other and gets intimate both, story is most interesting at that moment.

My cousin sister


  • Aayesha Kapoor


  • Meeta Mitra


  • Divyansu Singh


  • Anup Gahoyi

Released Date:


5. Golden Hole Web Series 

Rekha Mona Sarkar’s one of the most romantic and romance web series is Golden Hole. In this web series Rekha Mona Sarkar lead as house wife. She is unsatisfied with her husband and start work on call girl for her enjoyment and gain money.

Golden Hole web series



  • Romit Baweja as Rakesh


  • Bharti Koli as Jasmine


  • Neeta Hiranandani


  • Manica Bhargaba


  • Sonal Goutam

Released Date:



6. Behru Priya Web Series 

Kooku’s another web series Behru Priya is full of romance scene.

Behru Priya web series


  • Pori as Priya


  • Ranjan


  • Kunwar Singh


  • Kallyani Jha


  • Devebdra Lade

Releasd Date:



7. The Story of My Wife

The Story of My Wife is an Indian Hindi web series streaming on Kooku Originals. This is a story of a women, who Married a person and also she get intimate with others.

The story of my wife web series


  • Hiral Radadiya


  • Saira Pereira


  • Aamir Menon


  • Manoranjan Mishra


  • Priyesh Shrimal

Released Date:



8. Suno Devar Ji

Rekha Mona Sarkar another hot-heated Kooku web series Suno Devar Ji streaming on Kooku App. The story belong to a family, where every one attracted to one house wife (Rekha Mona Sarkar). The house wife also gets intercourse with Father-in-law and brother-in-law.

Suno Devar Ji


  • Rekha Mona Sarkar


  • Gourav Singh 


  • Shakespear


  • Rajneesh Jaiswal


  • Sangeeta 


  • Alka

Released Date:



9. Suno Jethalal Kooku Web Series 

Suno Jethalal Kooku Web Series lead by Rekha Mona Sarkar. Rekha Mona Sarkar is one of the famous web series actress of Kooku App. In this web series she played massive romance scene to entertain people.

Suno jethalal web series


  • Rekha Mona Sarkar 


  • Gourav Singh 


  • Shakespeare 

Released Date:



10. Mere Angane Main 

Mere Angane Main is a Kooku Originals web series streaming on Kooku App. Ankita Dave played main role in Mere Angane Main. 

Mere Angane Main



  • Mustaq Khan

Released Date:



11. Nayi Naveli Kooku Web Series 

The story of two brother and their wife makes Nayi Naveli web series most interesting. There are a family, lives with two brother and their two wives. They also gets intimate together and enjoyed group romance.

Nayi Naveli web series


  • Shanaya Ans


  • Ranjeet Jha

Released Date:



12. Lalita PG House 

Lalita PG House Kooku web series is fully romance dramatic web series. The story about a PG house and it’s hotest owner Lalita.

Lalita pg house web series


  • Abha Paul as Lalita Bhabhi


  • Yougesh Mahajan


  • Shahbaz Khan


  • Nimai Bali

Released Date:


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Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series List and Watch All Episode Online 2023

Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series List and Watch Online 2023. On the OTT platform Rekha Mona Sarkar is a very popular name in the world of web series. She is famous for her work on web series and her attractive bold look. She gives back to back hit web series in Ullu app. 

Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series List 

Here we gives you Rekha Mona Sarkar Web Series List, cast, photos, release date, ott, and how to watch online.

1. Raatein Rangeen Banaayein Web Series 2022

This web series actress Rekha Mona Sarkar, who is famous in the web series world for her bold and attractive look. In this article listed Rekha Mona Sarkar ‘s top class web series. Read this to get more information about Rekha Mona Sarkar web series. 

Rekha Mona Sarkar web series


This is the story of a young boy and a young girl. The young boy named Sholk. One day he gets a phone call from an unknown number and the opposite side he listen a voice tune of a girl, which is very sweet. The girl named Kanti. They started talking and after few days they become very good friends.

Sholk and Kanti make a strong relationship with each other. Kanti takes lots of money from Sholk and after that Kanti does not pick up Sholk phone calls and she stop talking with Sholk. Can Sholk get back his money?  To know what will happen next. Watch all the episodes of this web series. 

Release On – 2022


  • Rekha Mona Sarkar as Sholk


  • Kanti


2. Palang Tod Shor Ullu Web Series 2022

This web series release in the OTT platform on Ullu App. This is a very popular web series. 

Story of Shor Web Series

Palang Tod Shor web series story started in a society or a apertment. Where camo to lives in a young boy, who looks handsome and popular his look in front of girls. In this apertment also lives a beautiful married woman.

Shor Ullu Web series

Both the young boy and the married woman like each others and wants to make a love relationship. To know more about this web series story. Watch online Palang tod shor web series. 

Release on -2022


  • A married woman 


  • A young boy 


3. Palang Tod Naye Padosi Ullu Web Series 2022

In Ullu app people’s watch back to back top hits web series. Palang tod naye padosi is one of the most popular web series. 

Naaye Padosi Ullu Web series


This is a story of a newly married couple. The married woman is too interested to make physical relation in several way but her husband does not satisfy. For that reason she get angry and does not happy for their married life. 

One day the maid of this couple house accidentally breaks the laptop. She get scarred and think how to repair this laptop. Then she calls a boy who can repair the laptop.  

The boy named Rahul neighbour of this house. He can repair the laptop. The women fall in love with Rahul. The unsatisfied women try to make a physical relationship with Rahul to get the satisfy actually she want. When tha maid make a video on their private moment and started blackmail. To know what will happen? Watch online the series in the ullu app. 


Release on – 2022


  • A husband 


  • A wife 


  • A maid


  • A boy as Rahul

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All Rabbit Web Series List, Actress Name, Cast and Watch Online 2023

Rabbit Web Series List, Cast Name, Actress 2023. People, hope you know about Rabit App. One of the best and popular web series OTT Platform in India. Rabit App streaming romantic, thriller and romance web series every weeks on their Originals ott platform. Now we will going to shared most famous Rabit App web series All episodes list, Actresses Name, Cast and How to watch online.

New Rabbit Web Series List

New Rabbit Web Series List, cast, photos, release date, ott platform chech out from here.

All Rabbit Web Series List

Rabbit Web Series All Episodes List

1. Pathshala 2022

On the OTT platform of Rabbit app here release back to back top class web series. Pathshala web series is a comedy, dramatic and romantic web series. Watch all the episodes online though Rabbit app.

Pathshala web series


This is a story of a beautiful woman who is a biology teacher. Here Mahi Kaur playing the role as a biology teacher. She does not happy in her marriage life and also husband. At her home she used to teach biology some students at her home.

Release on – 2022


  • Anshul Jagdeesh
  • Sahil Tyagi
  • Madhusree 

2. Mangalik 2022

Mangalik is a entertaining web series. Watch full web series on Rabbit app OTT platform. Know more about this web series, see below:

Mangalik web series


This is the story a unmarried girl. The girl name Gauri, she is a beautiful girl on her village. But she still unmarried to the reason of her mangalik dosh. 

She also wants to became a dulhan and enjoy her wedding night, like others girl. To know can she married and enjoy her suhaag rat, watch all the episodes. 

Release On – 2022


  • Trushna Pandey 
  • Anupama Prakash 
  • Deepak Raj
  • Kamal Malik
  • Ravindra Yadav

3. Chanda Aur Chandni 2022

On the OTT platform where release the awaited web series Chanda Aur Chandani directed by Parvez Alam and the story written bt Sameer.

Chanda aur Chandni web series


This is a story of a two cousin sister, they are very desparate for making physical relation in different or various way. To know which way they follow and making their intimate with fun and interesting. 

Release on – 25 February, 2022


  • Pooja Poddar
  • Gaurav Singh
  • Pujesh
  • Jimmalviya

4. Matakni Ke Matke

This web series directed and the story written by Pervez Alam. It consists divided 4 parts in 2 episodes.

Matakni Ke Matke


Matakai Ke Matke web series story of a village girl he is very much depressed and account of the behaviour of the people towards her. Villager’s think that Matkni has a very bad breast size is too mush high.

Release on – 2022


  • Suhana Khan
  • Jimmalviya
  • Janardhan Jha
  • Priyanka Upadhyay
  • Sahil Khan
  • Deepak Raj 

5. Phuljhadi Web Series 

On the OTT platform Rabbit app here release top class web series. Phuljhadi is one of the most dramatic and romantic web series. 

Phuljhadi web series


This is the story of a married woman and her husband live aboard for work. So the she doen not happy on her married life. One day she meet a boy and try to make a physical relationship to make her life happy and satisfy. Can her husband know all that? To know more watch all the episodes through online. 

Release on – 2022


  • Vinay Gupta


  • Deepak Verma


  • Diya Singh


  • Navish Nair

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