Sneha Paul Web Series List and Watch Online

Sneha paul web series list, cast, photos, release date, ott platform. Sneha Paul is a model, Social Media star and Ullu Web Series actress, who recently most popular by working on Ullu App Web series. The people, who loves watching web series are really liked her and waiting for her new web series releasing. In this article we discuss about Sneha Paul and give you information and web series list, story of those web series and how to watch online. 

Sneha Paul Web Series List

The famous web series actress Sneha Paul work in various social network, short films, but she has only three web series in Ullu ott platform in 2022. Sneha Paul web series gain fame and fans base with her acting, bold look and expression. All people, who had watch web series liked her so much.

Sneha Paul Web series Ullu App

Now we are discuss about Sneha Paul Best and Successful web series, which has been released on Ullu ott platform. Sneha Paul web series list are given below-

  • Charmsukh Chawl House Ullu Web Series 
  • Laal Lihaf Part – 1 & 2 Ullu Web Series 
  •  Web Series Charmsukh Chawl House 2
  • Chawl House 3 Web Series
    Now we discuss about Sneha Paul Ullu Web Series story and tell you that where you can watch this web series online.

1. Charmsukh Chawl House Web Series:

You know that Sneha Paul one of the famous web series Actress in Ullu App. She debut with his first Ullu Web Series Charamsukh Chawal House. Charmsukh Chawl House is a romantic, dramatic and family romancing story based web series released in 2022. In this web series Sneha Paul as a house wife namely Renu Bhabhi. The story start in chawl house in Mumbai. Renu lives a house with her family. She was happy with their family members, father-in-law, Mother-in-law, husband and sister-in-law. 

Chawl house
Charmsukh Chawl House June,2022

One day, Renu’s brother-in-law (Renu’s husband brother) came to their house to lives some days for office job interview in Mumbai. The boy stay some days in their home and attracted to Renu. He fall in loves to renu and imagining her every time and want to get physical relation. Renu also attracted to the boy and falling in love to him. After that they both loves each other and start an affairs behind of others. They gets physical attachment everyday and enjoyed their moments. 

What happened next, if you want to know about all of this please go to Ullu App and watch full web series online. But Ullu App is not a Free App to watch online. If really want to watch Charmsukh Chawl House and other web series, at first get a subscription on Ullu App, then watch the full web series and enjoying your moment.

2. Ullu Web Series Laal Lihaaf (Part – 1 & 2):

Sneha Paul’s another interesting bold and romancing ullu web series is Laal Lihaaf. The web series has two part. After releasing Charmsukh Chawl House, Sneha gain name and fame in ullu ott platform. People are liked and loved to watch her web series. The story of Laal Lihaaf based on a lonely house wife. The house wife namely Kusum is a married woman. But Kusum’s husband does not like or love her and feels irritated with Kusum. Kusum’s husband does not gives ger time to spend together, because of which Kusum feels loney and unhappy. 

Laal Lihaaf
Laal Lihaaf web series 2022

After that Kusum attracted to their home maid and falls in love. They regularly gets physical relation with each other and satisfy herself behind of her husband. What happened next, if you want to know about all of this please go to Ullu App and watch full web series online. But Ullu App is not a Free App to watch online. If really want to watch Laal Lihaaf web series and other web series, at first get a subscription on Ullu App, then watch the full web series and enjoying your moment.

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Kangan Web Series Cast, Crew, Story and Watch Online 2022

 Kangan Rabit Web Series Watch Online 

In this article we gonna shared with you Rabit Web Series Kangan Cast, Crew, Release Date, Storyline, Review and how to watch online. Rabit is one of the famous ott platform to release Hindi fantasy and romance web series every month. All people are liking rabit web series because of their best and famous actress. In the few days ago, rabit App gives us most romantic and dramatic web series like Pathshala, Television and many more. Now we discuss about new Hindi Web Series Kangan. 

Rabit web series kangan

Rabit Web Series Kangan:

Recently, Rabit App released their trailer of new dramatic and romantic web series Kangan. Kangan web series is really gone to be a successful web series in this month in ott platform. Kangan is an Indian Hindi language Bold web series released on OTT Platform Rabit App. People loved rabit web series because of their famous and bold actress. The web series Kangan is a romantic, fantasy and romancing web series. 

If you want to watch all the episodes in online, then you must have get a subscription on Rabit App. After get a subscription on Rabit App you can watch all the web series which were released on Rabit platform. This web series had released on Rabit App, so can’t wait read the article care fully ad go to respective platform and watch the web series.

Kangan Web Series Released Date:

The Hindi web series Kangan was released on Rabit App on 3 June, 2022. The web series released in Hindi language and it going to be entertaining their visitor.

Kangan Web Series Cast:

 Most famous and popular actors and actress work and played in this web series. The actors and actress had so many web and short film in various ott platform. The famous and bold actress Ankita Dave played the main role in Kangan Web Series.

  • Heena Harwani

  • Akansha Sharma

  • Deepak Raj

  • Vinod Tripathy

  • Deepak Sharma
Ankita Dabe
Ankita Dave

Currently, we have no more details to inform you. Later we will trying to inform you more details.

Ullu Web Series Dunali Season 2, Cast, Crew, Release Date, Review and Watch Online

    Season 2 Ullu Web Series Release Date

Hey guy’s, in this article we gonna discuss with you about Ullu App’s upcoming web series Dunali Season 2, release date, cast, crew, storyline, review and how to watch online. You know that Ullu is one of the famous Indian Hindi language ott platform where released most of the best fantasy, romantic and Dramatic web series in every week. In the last few day before Ullu App has been released so many dramatic and romancing web series Jane Anjane Mein 5, Damad Ji Part 2, Wrong Turn and many more.

Dunali Season 2

Dunali Season 2 Web Series:

Recently Ullu ott platform released their trailer of Dunali season 2 in various social platform. Hope all of you watched the trailer of this web series and you have think that when did web series Dunali Season 2 will released. We here to inform you all about this series below. You loved web series because of their famous and popular actress. This web series has many more popular actress to play the role in this web series.

Dunali Season 2 Release Date:

You know that Ullu App is a famous OTT Platform for Hindi web series in India. The trailer of Dunali season 2 already published on social media platform. The OTT Platform is going to release Dunali Season 2 web series on 10 June, 2022. Ullu is not a free app, if you want to watch this web series online, you must have a subscription in Ullu App. Not only Dunali Season 2, if you get a subscription one, you can watch all those web series which is releasing on this ott platform.

Dunali Season 2 Web Series Cast:

Rekha Mona Sarkar, a famous and most popular web series actress, you know that, who played a main role in this web series. There so many actors and actress were lead the role in Dunali Season 2 Web Series.

  • Rekha Mona Sarkar as Aabha

  • Perna Singh as Riya

  • Subham Deorukhar as Sameer

  • Hitesh Makhija as Rohan

  • Nehal Vadolia as Sakshi

  • Babul Bhavesar as Rakesh
Rekha Mona

Rekha Mona Sarkar

At this moment we have not much more information about this web series cast and crew, let you visit our website we gives you more information later.

Dunali Season 2 Web Series Details & Wiki:

As an information we shared Dunali Season 2 web series below- 

Name of Series Dunali Season 2
Genre Romantic, Drama, love, Romance
Cast Rekha Mona Sarkar, Perna Singh, Subham Deorukhar, Hitesh Makhija, Nehal Vadolia, Babul Bhavesar
Season 2
Number of Episode 2
Language Hindi
Released 10 June, 2022
Directed By Imtiaz Alam
OTT Ullu App

Dunali Season 2 Web Series Story:

As the trailer and gather information from various online media, we shared story of Dunali Season 2 Web Series. The web series Dunali start from that moment where first season is end. The boy sameer, who have two male private parts and he suffered so much tense with this problem. Sameer’s father comes to Sameer’s house and finding a girl for Sameer for marriage. Finally he got a girl Aabha for marriage with Sameer. Sameer’s father tell all those problem which have in Sameer and Aabhas family agreed to marriage them.

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Sanvida Part 2 Kooku App Web Series Release Date, Cast, Review and Watch Online

Kooku Web Series Sanvida Season 2 


Sanvida Season 2:

Sanvida is a romantic, fantasy and Dramatic web series will be release soon in Kooku App. In this article we discussed you to about Kooku web series Sanvida Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Crew, Wiki, Review and How to watch online. Kooku is a famous ott platform which provided popular Hindi web series every month. Kooku is not a free platform to watch online web series. If you want to watch any web series, you must have a kooku app subscription. We suggest you that before watching Sanvida Web Series must be subscribe on Kooku App and don’t forget to use headphone.


The trailer of Sanvida Season 2 has been released on Kooku App and various social media platform. Kooku always released best of their web seriese with their most famous actresses. You people really like Hindi Kooku web series so much, know that. Recently kooku has been released their best web series ‘Gulaab Jamun’ and ‘Charulata’. 

Sanvida Part 2 Web Series:

Hey, People we know that you all people really like Kooku Web Series. Don’t worry today i will gives you details about Sanvida Season 2 Web Series. You know this web series trailer already published on social site and people interest to watch this web series. But before watching you must know the story, cast, crew, release date to more enjoying Sanvida web series. 

Sanvida Season 2 is an Indian Hindi language web series which will be released on kooku app. The genre of Sanvida Hindi web series is Romantic, fantasy and Drama and will makes it more romance web series in this year. You can watch this web series on kooku app buying with their subscription and not only Sanvida, but all the web series which released on kooku. The web series Sanvida release soon, see the release date given below.

Sanvida Part 2 Release Date:

Sanvida season 2 kooku web series will be released on 9th June, 2022. This web series has 2 episodes which will be release on respective ott soon.

Sanvida Cast and Crew:

Kooku App released their web series by most of famous actors and actress, and this web series played famous and bold actress Pihu Kanojiya and Ayesha Pathan. I think you all had watched their web series before.

Sanvuda web series

  • Ayesha Pathan

  • Pihu Kanojiya 

  • Rehaan Khan

  • Gourav Singh

Sanvida Season 2 web series Wiki:

The web series Sanvida Part 2 details and Wiki given below-

Name of Series Sanvida Part 2
Genre Romantic, Drama, love, Romance
Cast Ayesha Pathan, Pihu Kahojiya, Gourav Singh, Rehaan Khan
Season 2
Number of Episode 2
Language Hindi
Released 9 June, 2022
Directed By Azaad Bharti
OTT Kooku App

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Ullu Web Series Wrong Turn Part 1 Cast, Crew, Release Date, Review and Watch online

 Wrong Turn Ullu Web Series, Watch Online

Guy’s, you know that Ullu App is one of the most famous OTT Platform where released so many web series in every month to entertainment us. Yes, you can watch every web series in Ullu App, but you must have subscription in Ullu. If you not have any subscription, then must be take a subscription and watch and enjoy romantic web series Wrong Turn Season 1. 

Wrong Turn Part 1 Web series:

The trailer of famous upcoming ullu web series has been released in OTT and Social Media. You know, ullu published so many web series every week and they going to published their upcoming web series Wrong Turn Season 1 very soon. You people love very much this web series because of bold actresses. Wrong Turn is a romantic, drama and romance web series, which will be release soon.
Ullu web series

You can watch online all these episode in Ullu App. Before you watching this web series make sure to have a subscription in Ullu App. Ullu App is not free to watch Hindi Web series, so you can watch wrong turn part 1 after subscription of Ullu. Wrong Turn web series already released 3 episodes in various languages Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Bhojpuri and etc.

Wrong Turn Part 1 Release Date:

We gives you all the information about every Hindi web series. The Wrong Turn Web Series Already published in previous month. So you can watch this web series in online OTT Platform. Wrong Turn Part 1 Ullu Web Series has been released on 24 May, 2022 in Online OTT Platform Ullu App.

Wrong Turn Season 1 Cast and Crew:

Mainly all the people are attracted to web series because of their actress. Most of the famous and bolt actress work and play the role in Ullu web series. In Wrong Turn, Paromita Dey, one of the bold and popular web series actress lead the main role in wrong Turn Part 1 Ullu Web Series. Lakshya Handa, Madhvee Lawre, Vishal Mohan Mondawara also play the wonderful role in this web series.
Paromita Dey
  • Paromita Dey as Swapna

  • Madhavee Lawre as Janhvi

  • Lakshay Handa as Karan

  • Vishal Mohan as Akash

Wrong Turn 1 Web Series Details & Wiki:

Name of Series Wrong Turn
Genre Romantic, Drama, love, Romance
Cast Paromita Dey, Lakshay Handa, Madhavee Lawre, Vishal Mohan Maondawara
Season 1
Number of Episode 3
Language Hindi
Released 24 May, 2022
Directed By Vivek
OTT Ullu App

Story of Wrong Turn Part 1:

The web series based on love, romance and relations. A cauple live a small town. Akash who loved her wife (sapna) very much and they live happily together. But Akash doesn’t spent much time with her wife because of business pressure and his wife sapna feeling lonely at home. One day Akash Asked to his wife, make a friend to talking with him and avoid to loneliness. But one day, Akash brother Karan comes to their house and stay some days with them. Sapna starts to attract to Karan and fall in love with him. At that situation they fall extra affairs both and gets into Physical relation behind of Akash. Some days later, Karan tell sapna, go back to home and he will marry his Girlfriend Janvi very soon. Sapna angry after hearing this and get a gun ant point to Karan. 

Palong Tod Damad Ji 2 Release Date, Wiki, Cast, Review and Watch Online

 Damad Ji Palang Tod Season 2 Web Series 

Palang Tod Damad Ji Season 2:

Hey, people who have Ullu App subscription must watch the best romantic web series Damad Ji Part 2. Ullu App is an OTT Platform where most of the famous web series are released to entertaining us. Palang Tod is a famous web series, which have many season and episodes released on Ullu App. Palang Tod Damad Ji episode 1 has been released before, now Ullu going to release the episode 2 of Damad Ji, from the end of the series Damad Ji Part 1.  The trailer of the web series was published in various social site by respective OTT. It must be going to make really entertaining and enjoyable to all the web series lover.

Palang Tod Web series

Now we are going to inform you about the web series, Palang Tod Damad Ji season 2, its wiki, Cast and Crew, release date, storyline, about actors and actress and full details of Damad Ji part 2.

Damad Ji Part 2 Cast:

Now we are discuss about actor, actress or cast of the web series Palang Tod Season 2. We know about Rajsi Verma one of the famous actress on various OTT Platform and huge of fans of her, who lead the main role in this series. Another one is Ayushi Jaiswal, who have played the role in many Hindi web series and short films, take a better role in Damad Ji Season 2. Sebashish Nayak also played a role in this web series.

  • Rajsi Verma as Ranjana (Mother-in-law)

  • Ayushi Jaiswal as Kumud 

  • Sebashish as Mohan (Damad Ji)

Palang Tod

Release Date of Damad Ji 2:

You can watch this web series in online OTT Platform at Ullu App, but you must have a subscription, if not have any subscription, so subscribe Ullu App and Watch Palong Tod Damad Ji Season 2. The OTT going to release it soon on 7th June, 2022.

Story of Damad Ji Palang Tod 2:

In the previous season we watched that Mohan, husband of Kumud, had accident and injured. Doctor advice to take rest some days to betterment of health condition. But Kumud Unable to take care of her husband, because of her office job. Then she calling her mother Ranjana for take care to mohan. Ranjana is mother of Kumud, she come to daughter’s house and start to take care of her son-in-law (Damad) Mohan. But after some days, Ranjana attracted to her son-in-law and want to get enjoy with Damad Ji, but she thinking that how to convince to Mohan to get romance together.

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