Deepika Kudtarkar Web Series List, Release Date, Cast, Story and More

One of the most talented leading actress Deepika Kudtarkar web series list, complete web series details and stories are given below. New web series actress Deepika Kudtarkar works on some few web series and gets huge of fan base recently.

She is gorgeous, beauty and bold looking. In recent time, she works on Primeshots, Hunters, Primeplay ott platform leading role.

Deepika Kudtarkar Web Series List

Not much, but she act on various web series recent time. As a co-actress or a leading role, she gave her all effort to makes her web series fantastic. Below you can gets all web series list of Deepika Kudtarkar.

1. Karonaa Web Series

Karonaa is Deepika Kudtarkar’s first web series and she gets a role as girlfriend of a boy. Few months ago, Primeplay originals released Karonaa web series. There are so many actress lead the role. Deepika Kudtarkar has taken a part of bold and fantasies scene.

The web series showing the time of Koronaa season and some romance and fantasy scence in a family. Bharti Jha, Aliya Naaz, Jaishree Gaikwat, Deepika and others actresses were cast in this web series. If you gets Deepika Kudtarkar web series list turn with us.

2. Tadap Hunters Web Series

Hope everybody know that deepika kudtarkar another web series is Tadap. Tadap web series has two part. Deepika Kudtarkar taken the role both of part. Aliya Naaz and Deepika Kudtarkar lead the main role in this web series. The story of the web series is fantastic, there is a married man, but his wife is not able to intimate with her husband.

She has interest to women. Deepika lead a role of sister. She has desire to intimate with her brother. Once they, gets romance in a store room. Tadap web series is totally full of romance and fantasy.

3. Kaam Tamam Web Series

Kaam Tamam is a romantic and romance web series released on Primeshots ott platform in 2023. Deepika Kudtarkar lead the main role as an office employee. When deepika join the office, first day a boy attrac to her and fall in love. He trying to convince her to love him.

At first she denied but after all she agreed. They, both gets romance. Few days later, she has need some money and tell her boyfriend. He manage the money and give to his Girlfriend. After getting the money, the girl leave the city and cheat to her boyfriend.

4. Manchaha Primeshots Web Series

Manchaha is another web series of Deepika Kudtarkar. A boy live in his house. One day one of his close friend comes to his house with his girlfriend. The boy agreed to stay them few days in his house. But once the boy fall in loves to his friend’s girlfriend and his friend’s girlfriend also.

Both of them enjoying and romance in absence of his friend. This is a really fantasy, romance and drama web series which is released on Primeshots App 2023.

5. Kaamwali Web Series

Kaamwali web series released few days ago on Primeshots ott platform. Deepika Kudtarkar took the main role as a maid. She has showing fantastic bold and romance scene in this web series. She is works in a house. There is a boy, owner son.

He calls his friend and enjoy party. They had follow the maid, and need to romance with her. The owner son also gets romance with that maid daily. You can watch this web series on Primeshots App.

6. Khilona Web Series

Khilona web series released today on Primeshots ott platform. Deepika Kudtarkar and Anita Jaiswal lead the main role in this web series. This web series full of romance and fantasy. There is a family and they had three members.

A couple enjoying in the night but his wife not interesting to the man. But one night the man observe that both of ladies try to fulfil their desire with a Khilona. Really amazing web series. If you need to wath Khilona web series visit Primeshots App.

7. Atma Web Series

Atma Primeshots web series released few weeks ago on primeshots app. Deepika Kudtarkar and Aliya Naaz lead the main cast on Atma primeshots web series 2023. Deepika Kudtarkar mostly works on primeshots originals app ott.

Aliya Naaz and Deepika Kudtarkar web series Atma streaming on primeshots originals app. You can watch all episodes of Atma web series and enjoy your night.

8. Online Bhabhi Primeshots web series

Primeshots recently released Deepika Kudtarkar fantasy web series Online Bhabhi. On 23rd September, 2023 Deepti and Deepika Kudtarkar web series Online Bhabhi streaming on primeshots originals app.

This is a story of a house wife, who dating and chating on a website for money. One day, her husband comes to know all about her.

Hey, here you gets Deepika Kudtarkar Web series list, Cast, Story and more information. Gets more Deepika Kudtarkar web series list turn on with us, you can gets more new Deepika Kudtarkar web series list. She has works on many short film and web series series.

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